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Richmond College offers students a cost-effective opportunity to achieve an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from one of the UK’s most prestigious institutions.

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Receive the best education in your field and a UK-accredited diploma upon completing your course requirements.

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The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) recognises Richmond College as the institution that issued your Access to the Best Education Diploma. Choose a full degree or the first two years of a bachelor’s degree through online study at Richmond College. Then, you can transfer your credits to over one hundred universities in the United Kingdom.

All of these qualifications we offer, ranging from Level 3 to Level 7, are accredited by Ofqual. Level 3 qualification assists students in acquiring the necessary skills for undergraduate study in the UK by enhancing their academic ability and study techniques. The Level-4, Level-5, and Level-6 diplomas are equivalent to Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 (Final year) of a three-year Bachelor's degree in the United Kingdom. Every level comprises 120 credits. Level-7 diploma corresponds to postgraduate programs - the same level as the Master's degree.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs in Richmond College

What Kind of Diploma You Will Deserve

Richmond College’s fully online Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma programs are a low-cost alternative to traditional on-campus study at several prestigious UK universities. Whether you want to pursue a qualification in hotel and hospitality, computing, or business management, our courses allow you to pursue a Top-Up to an undergraduate degree or an MBA through one of our partner universities.


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IGCSE Courses

Our IGCSE courses (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) prepare our students for university education in the best way in 4 fundamental fields.

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programmes (Levels 3-4-5-6) range from pre-university modules worth 60 credits to Level 6 worth 120 credits (two years).

Graduate Programs

Our Graduate programmes are accredited at the Level-7 level, providing students with 120 of the 180 required credits for an MBA.



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