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Get your diploma accredited by the UK authorities. 

Get your diploma accredited by the authorities (OFQUAL) in the UK along with a high-level education in your chosen field!

Richmond College, as one of the most respected institutions in England, offers the opportunity to obtain an internationally valid undergraduate or graduate degree at an affordable cost.

Here, you’ll not only gain a coveted diploma but also forge lifelong connections, embrace new perspectives, and become a part of a global network of alumni who have gone on to make remarkable contributions to society.

Flexible Learning with 24/7 Support:

Richmond College offers flexible learning options and round-the-clock support for technical issues, allowing students to study at their own pace and access recorded course content anytime.

Expert Instruction and Interactive Learning

Our expert educators provide engaging learning materials and interactive exercises to deepen understanding and encourage active participation.

Personalized Mentorship

Richmond College offers personalized mentorship and career guidance services to help students reach their academic and professional goals, including career planning seminars.

Collaborative Path for Your Growth

Students are encouraged to participate in collaborative learning environments through study groups and webinars, and to seize professional development opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and feedback.



Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs in Richmond College

What Kind of Diploma You Will Deserve

Richmond College’s fully online distance Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma programs are a low-cost alternative to traditional on-campus study at several prestigious UK universities. Whether you want to pursue a qualification in hotel and hospitality, computing, or business management, our courses allow you to pursue a Top-Up to an undergraduate degree or an MBA through one of our partner universities.


Below are a few words from students who have studied with ATHE or OTHM And got diploma from OFQUAL

Accreditation of Our Diplomas

Higher Education is

Now Accesible to ALL

Wherever you are ?
Whatever degree you want?
Whatever career you aim?

IGCSE Courses

At Richmond College, our IGCSE courses nurture future university achievers by fostering academic excellence, holistic growth, specialized paths, and a global outlook. Join us for an inspiring educational journey towards university success.

Undergraduate Programs

Level 3 Programs

Level 3 Programs typically refer to educational programs that are considered advanced-level qualifications. These programs are designed to provide students with a more specialized and in-depth understanding of their chosen field of study.

Level 4-5 Programs

Level 4 programs typically corresponds to the first year of a bachelor’s degree, where students are taught fundamental knowledge and skills. During this stage, students focus on general education and core courses.

Level 5 programs corresponds to the second year of a bachelor’s degree or a further specialization phase. At this level, students delve into more specific topics and advanced coursework, marking the specialization phase of the bachelor’s program.

Level 6 Programs

Leevel 6 Programs typically refers to educational programs or qualifications that are equivalent to the final year of a bachelor’s degree or are considered as undergraduate advanced-level qualifications. Level 6 programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive and specialized understanding of their chosen field of study.

Top Up Programs

Take the next step in your career with Richmond College and seize the opportunity for this exclusive, guaranteed progression route with our partner universities. Earn your degree from several top-class UK universities, all of which have one of the most successful university employability programs in the country.

Graduate Programs

Level 7 Programs

Richmond College takes immense pride in presenting a range of distinguished graduate programs, all accredited at the coveted Level 7 – a hallmark of excellence in higher education. These programs serve as a definitive stepping stone towards your Master of Business Administration (MBA) aspirations, offering you a remarkable head start by bestowing you with 120 of the 180 essential credits required for this esteemed qualification.

Richmond College is your gateway to a future fortified by academic prowess, global insights, and professional acumen. As you embark on this enriching journey, know that our accredited Level 7 graduate programs are designed to propel you forward, enabling you to stand out in the competitive landscape and achieve remarkable heights in your MBA pursuit 

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