Progression – Top Up Programs

All of these degree programs are offered online, providing fast and affordable direct pathways to a degree program from a leading UK university. This offer is exclusively available to Richmond College learners facilitated through ATHE recognized center.

Progression with Richmond College


Placement Level

Holders of Level 2 and 3 qualifications

Entry to the first year of degree qualifications

Holders of Level 4 qualifications

Entry on to the second year of a British honours’ degrees in the respective field

Holders of Level 5 qualifications

Final year (top up) at various universities in the UK

Holders of Level 6 qualifications

Entry to master’s degrees or postgraduate diplomas

Holders of Level 7 qualifications

Entry to the final stage of Masters qualifications, such as MBAs and MSc degrees.

Holders of Level 8 qualifications

Preferential entry to a UK DBA or credit for USA University DBA.

IT and Computing

If you want to transform your passion for computers into a career, the IT and Computing program offered by Richmond College is a course you should consider. The course is designed to equip you with the skills you need to Top-Up to a complete Undergraduate Degree and go on to become an IT professional.

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering program at the Richmond College has been developed through collaborative efforts with industry partners to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education in relevant industrial topics. Many of our graduates go on to build successful careers in this lucrative field of employment.

Business Management

A Business Management  is valuable and essential whether yot aspire to pursue a career in business or seek to advance in your current role. Our primary goal is to facilitate your progression by building upon your existing Foundation Degree, Level 5 Diploma, or HND Level knowledge, ultimately awarding you a BSc (Hons) Business Management degree.

Accountancy And Financial Management

MSc Accountancy And Financial Management is tailored to the Final Year ACCA program, enhancing career prospects in business, accounting, and financial management. It provides essential knowledge in finance, accounting, and broader management for success in private and public sectors.

Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) Top-Up qualification offers you a chance to propel your career forward. The program delves into strategies for addressing significant, large-scale strategic business challenges, providing you with the potential to flourish as a leader in virtually any field.

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Degree Level​

All of these degree programmes are delivered online which provides fast and affordable direct routes to a degree programme from a leading UK university. This offer is exclusively for ATHE learners facilitated through Richmond College. Move your career forward today with ATHE and take advantage of this exclusive, guaranteed progression route with Richmond College and our partner Universities. 

Study your degree with our partner Universities, a top-class UK university with one of the most successful university employability programs in the country. Richmond College is an educational institution that is recognized for its commitment to excellence in education and provides students with the opportunity to complete their undergraduate and postgraduate education abroad. At Richmond College, we offer a wide range of information on various topics and themes for students who are interested in studying abroad. Here is more detailed information about Richmond College:

Degree Completion Processes and Applications

We thoroughly explain the process of completing undergraduate degrees abroad and the application procedures. We cover the fields of study where you can complete your undergraduate degree, as well as the fees and free options. Additionally, we provide information about the criteria and requirements to consider during the application process, helping you successfully complete your application. Richmond College is here to guide you and make your applications easier, increasing your chances of success.

Our Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs Abroad

Richmond College focuses on specialized fields, such as computer programming, for completing undergraduate degrees abroad. By choosing education in this field, you can gain an educational experience that matches the demands of the industry. We also refer to user reviews and contributions about completing undergraduate degrees abroad. This allows you to better understand real student experiences and recommendations.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education Abroad

Richmond College provides detailed information on studying for a postgraduate degree abroad. We cover options for studying postgraduate degrees abroad, the advantages, and the application processes extensively. Discover how studying for a postgraduate degree abroad can contribute to academic success combined with cultural experiences.


Completing Undergraduate Degrees in the UK

We particularly focus on postgraduate degree completion programs at universities in the UK. We provide detailed information about completing undergraduate degrees in the UK and explain the application requirements thoroughly. Keep in mind that studying in the UK will reward you with a prestigious diploma recognized in the international business world.

Distance Learning and Application Processes

We offer guidance on what to consider when applying for distance learning undergraduate completion programs. The flexibility provided by distance learning is an attractive option, especially for working students. Learn more about the advantages of distance learning and how you can receive an education tailored to your own pace and location.

General Information on Degree Completion

Richmond College provides an overview of the process and opportunities for completing undergraduate degrees abroad. We review options for students who have completed their associate degrees in their country, allowing them to explore their undergraduate completion options abroad. By examining the education systems and requirements of different countries, we help you understand how to achieve your educational goals.

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