How Will I Be Assessed ?

At Richmond College, we bring you to the necessary competencies through online assessments after each module.

Assessment at Richmond College is a very straightforward process


After completing an online module, you must complete an online assessment. This assessment contains 30 multiple-choice questions. You will have one hour to complete these questions, which are answered in sets of five, so you will have plenty of time to review and edit your answers. After an hour, the test will automatically time out.


After you have completed the test, your results will be displayed immediately. If you have passed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you don’t pass, you will receive a notification of a “refer’’ where you will be told how to retake a module assessment. You can complete these modules at your own pace, as there is no course deadline.


When you complete, you can take the final written assignments provided by Richmond College that test your knowledge and understanding of the modules. After successful completion of these eight assignments, you will receive your Diploma (from the Awarding Organisation).

You will then be eligible to apply for progression onto a Top-Up course through a recognised UK university on campus or by distance learning.

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