BEng (Hons) Software Engineering (Top-Up).

Successfully finishing the ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Computing ensures your direct pathway to the BEng (Hons) Software Engineering (Top-Up) program. The Software Engineering program has been meticulously crafted through collaborative efforts with industry partners to ensure that students receive an extensive education in pertinent industrial subjects.


The Software Engineering program at the Richmond College has been developed through collaborative efforts with industry partners to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education in relevant industrial topics. Many of our graduates go on to build successful careers in this lucrative field of employment.

Throughout the course, coursework is designed to simulate realistic scenarios, preparing students for their careers after university. This applies not only to the technical aspects of the curriculum but also to the practical skills students need, such as preparing technical proposals or reports for management.

A significant portion of the coursework involves project-based assignments, often requiring collaborative group work. The ability to work effectively and productively in teams is a crucial skill in modern software engineering.

Internationalization is a fundamental aspect of software engineering and application development, as it transcends geographical boundaries. The course covers topics such as culture, socialization, localization, and international computer and communications standards.

This is a Top-Up program designed to enable progression from a suitable prior qualification to an honors degree level. An induction program is in place to facilitate a smooth transition into honors degree studies.

Delivery Method

Learning and teaching methods apply a blended style. This may include lectures, seminars, tutorials and critiques, self-directed learning, e-learning and laboratory/workshop sessions, as well as online sessions and support. Practical skills are acquired through technical introduction and support, workshop sessions, demonstrations and activity-based assignments. Active learning is promoted with a strong practical theme, throughout.

Entry Requirements

This program has specific entry requirements, including:

For direct entry into Level 3 (HE6), you will need to have completed either an FdSc or HND in software engineering or a related field in computing/programming. In some cases, students with non-traditional qualifications and/or relevant experience may be considered for admission following a successful interview. Additionally, you may be asked to participate in an interview and/or submit a portfolio of your work.

Career and Professional Development

Graduates of the Software Engineering program at Richmond College can pursue various career opportunities, including:

  1. Software Engineer: Software engineers work on all stages of the software development process, from design to development and testing. This role requires managing and implementing software projects successfully.

  2. Application Developer: Application developers may focus on specific software applications, particularly in areas like mobile application development. This role involves creating user-friendly and functional applications.

  3. Software Consultant: Software consultants analyze the software needs of businesses and recommend suitable software solutions. They also contribute to project management and implementation processes.

  4. Project Manager: Project managers are responsible for the management and coordination of software projects. They lead project teams and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

  5. Data Analyst: Data analysts examine large datasets to help businesses derive meaningful insights from data. Data analysis is crucial for supporting business decision-making.

  6. Senior Software Engineer: More experienced software engineers may take on higher-level responsibilities, such as designing and developing complex projects.

Programme Modules

  1. Undergraduate Project                     60 Credits 
  2. Agile Programming                            30 Credits 
  3. Enterprise Systems Development    30 Credits 

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