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Math is essential to many of the daily tools and systems we use every day, from building computers to flying planes to giving much-needed medical care. It is a vital skill for an extensive range of industries.

This course enables you to develop highly sought-after logical and analytical thought processes, problem-solving abilities and good computing techniques. It will prepare you for professions in numerous disciplines, including finance, credit risk, business intelligence, actuarial science, education, and research.

This course covers over five modules containing an assessment upon completion to help test and cement the student’s knowledge and understanding. Therefore, this gives students the best chance of passing an IGCSE qualification flexibly and affordably.

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Mathematics IGCSE

£ 1200
  • Access to full curriculum of IGCSE
  • Access to Assignments
  • Access to Examination
  • Diploma
  • Opportunity to win a scholarship for everyone who applies

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