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The English IGCSE is a globally recognised qualification aimed at building a solid grasp of language, punctuation, writing styles, literature, and the writer’s purpose behind writing.

This course aims to provide students with a solid, in-depth understanding of concepts such as language use, subject terminology, punctuation and writer’s purpose across various text types. This will familiarise students with the different types of texts and, therefore, should help to develop skills, such as the ability to evaluate, identify and analyse.

In this course, the types of texts students will be faced with a range of poetry, creative writing, and letters so that they get to experience all of the different kinds of text they need to know to pass their IGCSE exam.

The English IGCSE will have multiple-choice, research, and essay-based assessments.

This course covers over five modules containing an assessment upon completion to help test and cement the student’s knowledge and understanding. Therefore, it gives students excellent flexibility and affordability in passing an IGCSE qualification.

Course Options

English IGCSE

£ 1200
  • Access to full curriculum of IGCSE
  • Access to Assignments
  • Access to Examination
  • Diploma
  • Opportunity to win a scholarship for everyone who applies

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