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As a member of the Richmond College community, you join a global network of hundreds of individuals. Together, we form a powerful, supportive, and empowered collective. 

Graduating from university marks the commencement of a remarkable journey. Within our community, you’ll discover avenues to remain connected with the University and your fellow graduates. Explore vibrant alumni networks that can enhance your career, contribute to your business growth, or empower you to make a positive impact on the world. Additionally, uncover opportunities to support current students and engage with cutting-edge research. Your connection with Richmond College extends far beyond graduation, fostering ongoing growth and collaboration.

Our Alumni

Below are a few words from students who have studied with ATHE or OTHM And got diploma from OFQUAL


The application of creativity and innovation to question the existing norms will shape both the content and methods of our teaching, as well as the intellectual aspirations of the university.

Giving Back

Guiding students’ academic journeys through meaningful social engagement cultivates individuals who are not only academically adept but also critically involved citizens, committed to addressing societal challenges.


Richmond College’s unwavering dedication to student success, significant scholarly pursuits, creative endeavors, and active public service distinctly distinguishes it from other educational institutions.

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Master’s Degree Abroad

Is UK masters free? Unfortunately, postgraduate education in the UK is not free. Both public and private universities require fees for all students. Fees  vary

Online Master’s DegreeS in the UK!

Don’t miss out on a prestigious educational opportunity with a diploma approved by OFQUAL. Richmond College, one of England’s most renowned institutions, offers internationally recognized


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